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The Texas County Health Department was started in August 1986, when the residents of the county passed a mill tax to support a health department. An administrator was hired in December 1986 and the health department officially opened January 1, 1987.

The health department is funded by a $0.10 local tax levy, grants, and state and federal contracts. A five member elected Board of Trustees governs the health department.

MISSION: The mission of the Texas County Health Department is to promote, protect, and assure the health of the community by assessing the needs of our county, developing policies and plans and cooperating with others that impact Public Health in a positive manner.

VISION: Texas County will become a community of healthy people.

VALUES: The staff and Board of the Texas County Health Department are dedicated to the best interests of all residents of Texas County. All citizens are participants in ownership with each being equal and deserving of quality professional care.

We believe it is our responsibility to work as a dedicated team in providing Public Health services in a capable and caring manner.

We strive to be accountable as we address the unique needs, values, experiences and desires of the community.

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