Daycare Inspections: The Primary purpose of the annual sanitation inspection is to ensure compliance with sanitation requirements thereby creating a safe, sanitary environment. It is a preventive service aimed at reducing the environmental health risks for children in care. A child care regulated facility can be a house or other place that advertises or holds themselves out as providing care for more than 4 children during the daytime, for compensation or otherwise, except those operated by a school system or in conjuction with a business establishment as a convenience for its customers.

 Name                                                  Location                                  Inspection Results                                                                                
 Cabool Head Start  Cabool  
1/10/12 Routine Inspection/ Pass w/ 1 corrected violation. 2/19/14 Routine Inspection 1 corrected violation. 2/5/15 Routine inspection/ 2 violations. 2/27/15 Re-inspections/ no violations.

Cabool Second Baptist Daycare


Routine inspection 11/21/13: 2 corrected violations. 11/4/14 Routine Inspection: 3 corrected violations. 1/5/15 Re-inspection/ no violations.
Routine inspection 11/24/15: 4 violations

Dotty Massey Day Care

Routine inspection 9/26/14: No Violations. Special Circumstance inspection 12/4/14: no violations.
Routine inspection 9/28/15: no violations
 First Baptist Church Childcare  Houston  

3/15/12 Routine Inspection/ fail w/ 8 violations. 4/20/12 Re-inspection/ Pass w/ no violations. 3/21/14 Routine inspection: 4 violations observed. 4/30/14 Re-inspection: No violations. 3/31/15 Routine inspection/ 3 violations. 4/24/15 Re-inspection/ no violations.
 Houston Head Start  Houston  

1/11/12 Routine Inspection/ Fail w/ 3 violations. 1/20/12 re-Inspection/ Pass w/ no violations.1/23/14 Routine Inspection 4 violations 1/30/14 Re-inspection: no violations. 1/16/15 Routine inspection/ 5 violations. 1/26/15 Re-inspection/ no violations.

Houston Optimist Club


6/5/12 Routine Inspection/ Pass w/ no violations.
 Licking Head Start  Licking

1/24/12 Routine Inspection/  fail w/ 4 violations. 1/31/12 Re-Inspection/ Pass w/ no violations. 2/13/14 Routine Inspection 3 violations. 2/26/14 Re-inspection No Violations. 2/3/15 Routine inspection/ 3 violations. 3/10/15 Re-inspection/ no violations.
Licking Pre-school

8/24/12 Routine Inspection/ pass w/ no violations. Routine inspection 9/26/13: 1 corrected violation. Routine inspection 9/18/14: 1 corrected violation
Routine inspection 9/9/15: no violations

Lil Feet Learning Center


4/10/12 Routine inspection/ Fail w/ 6 violations. 5/2/12 Pass w/ no violations.
 Kinder Kare  Licking  

3/9/12 Routine inspection/ Pass w/ 1 corrected violation. 4/30/14 Routine inspection: No Violations. 4/7/15 routine inspection/ 5 violations. 4/29/15 Re-inspection/ no violations

Plato Pre-school Child Care Center


2/6/12 Routine inspection/ Pass w/ no violations.
 Raymondville Preschool  Raymondville

9/6/12 Routine inspection/ Fail w/ 4 violations. 10/4/12 re-inspection/ Pass w/ no violations. Routine inspection 10/22/13: 4 violations. Re-inspection 11/15/13: 1 corrected violation
 Sillyman Daycare  Houston

7/27/12 Routine inspection/ Pass w/ 1 corrected violation. Re-inspection 9/30/13: No violations. 8/25/14 Routine inspection; 1 corrected violation.
 Sonshine & rainbow Day School  Licking  

1/24/12 Routine inspection/ Fail w/ 3 violations. 2/22/12 re-inspection/ Pass w/ No violations.1/28/14 Routine Inspection No Violations. 1/22/15 Routine inspection/ 1 corrected violation.

Success Preschool


Routine Inspection 12/11/15: 8 violations
 Summersville Head Start  Summersville

2/8/12 Routine Inspection/ Pass w/ 1 corrected violation. 3/26/14 Routine inspection 5 violations observed 4/25/14 Re-inspection: No violations. 3/31/15 Routine inspection/ 4 violations. 5/12/15 Re-inspection/ no violations.
 The Children's Place daycare  Cabool

3/26/12 Pass w/ 1 corrected violation. 4/15/14 Routine inspection: 4 violations. 5/9/14 Re-inspection: No violations. 4/28/15 routine inspection/ 3 violations. 5/26/15 Re-inspection/ no violations.
Optimist Care

6/23/14 Routine inspection: 2 corrected violations. 5/19/15 Routine inspection/ 3 violations. 6/12/15 Re-inspection/ no violations.

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